Online Training & Education – OTE Powered by British American International Profession and Trade Organization – BAIPTO

World’s best app for online training and education. It provides all facilities to attend video lectures, webinars, get content and to apply for a job at your convenience. You can also contribute to your teaching expertise and reach millions of learners worldwide.

Students can join course using OTE platform as per their interests. We ensure to provide skill enhancement course materials, training and online tests in order to make education seekers capable to achieve your education goals.

  • Our online courses are of three types which include video courses, professional training courses and language courses.
  • Professional training courses are available for degree and diploma holders as well and under this category, people can opt for other courses such as language courses (IELTS, TOEFL, etc).
  • We also conduct online tests for students such as verbal ability test, General Knowledge (GK) tests, Aptitude Tests, etc.

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