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VOTE BANK- Digital World, Online Vote” is an online voting app for selection of winners in various types of campaigns, multiple candidates for any type of elections, voting for reality shows, TV shows, or any other competition like head of a society, association, members of assembly, for a survey or any other voting.
Since, people watch reality shows on TV such as live singing shows, cooking competition shows or other competitive TV reality shows in which audiences are asked to vote their favourite contestants, hence, Vote Bank app provides them with an opportunity to select their favourite contestant from cooking shows, live singing shows and cast their vote through such online voting platform.
Before casting vote for reality shows, TV shows, or any other active voting campaign users can view the campaign details such as start date and date till the voting lines will be open. Along with this, a short description of the voting campaign allows users to understand the reason and purpose due to which voting campaign has been held.

Moreover, Vote Bank app provides three types of secure authentication voting to its users which includes open voting without any registration. Second secure authentication voting method is voting after registration. In this voting process, users can cast vote through Gmail, phone number or Facebook authentication. However, users registered through Facebook, Gmail or Phone number will only be allowed to login and vote for their favourite candidate. Third secure authentication method involves voting through registered ID and Password as generated from the backend.

In addition to this, users can also view the voting results online after casting their vote to the desired candidate only when results are declared online at Vote Bank. Voting results can be viewed in graphical format, pie charts, and tabular format. Moreover, users can view voting results category wise, state wise, party-wise in general elections voting campaigns.

In this way Vote Bank apps can also be used for electing a member for a title/party/area with or without a verified population including community voting, student voting, club members voting etc. Users can cast their vote to the desired candidate for any of the currently active campaign if they are eligible to do so as per the requirements of the campaign. Vote Bank app is the most secure, trustworthy and convenient system that allow users for casting online vote without visiting polling booths and standing in lines. It also helps elderly, sick and other people to cast vote conveniently if they are unable to physically move to the polling booths. It also saves lots of voting expenses incurred in polling duties, management and other infrastructure for security.
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