Yes MAM | Relationships. Reinvented

The #1 new app for balancing domestic household tasks. This is a complete game-changing solution to having perfect relationships and divide household tasks fairly. Earn rewards for doing chores!

This app helps busy couples and families stay organized and get appreciation for the work they do around the house.

  • Step 1: Easily add your partner or family members
  • Step 2: Add your chores and errands
  • Step 3: Get points and rewards for checking off the work you do!

If you are a mother, are you doing more than your fair share around the house while your partner gets an easy ride? Yes Mam depicts a system for how to divide up household tasks fairly, based on your needs. Download the Yes Mam app now and earn rewards for the work you do inside and outside the house!

Make sure your partner and/or family members gets the appreciation they deserve too!
The Yes Mam app is great for families as well! Kids can earn allowance, screen time, or whatever the parent decides!
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